Saturday, April 23, 2011

Introduction and the beginning of the Give-aways!

Hello. This is me barely able to lift my fork to my mouth after seven hours, three parks, one zoo and one museum on that trip to NYC I emailed you about.

Our team has exploded (in a good way) in recent months so it's time to pick this blog up, re-introduce myself and have some fun with a team give-away.

My name is Richele and I'm a bookaholic. You too? Also, I've never stopped reading children's books and, well, I'll bet you haven't either. I'm a working mom. Ditto? I'm in the midst of spring cleaning as well. Which room are you currently de-cluttering?

If you noticed that I'm wearing my wedding ring on my right hand, it's because I'm married to a Russian man and that's what they do - just a wild guess but I'm thinking you're not. Besides reading, I love to write, cook, bake and eat (not necessarily in that order) and am a bit gaga for all things Charlotte Mason, a British educator who believed children should be taught as whole persons through a wide range of living books, firsthand experiences, and good habits.

As for my official Barefoot life, you can check out my Barefoot profile for that. In addition, those on our team that work with me closely can tell you I am like a mother hen when it comes to my Barefoot team. I cluck, I brood, and I worry that I am either doing too much for you or not doing enough. It is hard to strike that balance.

My passion is helping you reach your goals in your own business. Coming up on five years in this Barefoot life, I've done about any type of event you can think of. I now spend my working time by answering your emails, working with other leaders and the office to further the Ambassador program, giving presentations and teacher trainings using Barefoot books, and handling my key accounts.

Enough about me, what about you? How can I best help you achieve your goals?

If it's team building and you have a blog, please send me your link and I'll post it to the right. Our many non-team visitors can check out your blog and sign up under you.

If it's inventory building, leave a comment (team members only) and you'll be entered into a random chance drawing to win $75 in books.

You have two weeks to think and comment as the drawing will take place Monday, May 9th.