Thursday, October 13, 2011

Visit Miss Clara's intriguing work space

My very good friend (even before life with Barefoot), stellar ambassador and team member Melissa East recently sent me this video clip of Miss Clara, stating, "I think she's magic."

My boys and I agree, having read The Snow Queen in one marvelous sitting. Enjoy a peek into Miss Clara's workspace and no need to worry if you don't speak French - magic translates remarkably well.

Sorry, CultureBox has taken the video down. Be sure to have to look at Les Carnet de MissClara and you'll even find some pictures of her recent work at the Concord Museum.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet our team!

These smiling eyes and dimples belong to Colleen O'Hearn who hails from Wilmington, Massachusetts.  Happily, I'm able to claim her as a Tier 2 team-member which makes her something like a second-cousin to all of you.  Ambassador Leader Carie Miele has full bragging rights.

In her own words:

I'm a mom.  I am the keeper of the healing magic in band-aids. I am the griller of cheesy sandwiches. I am the master of hugging, and I am the remarkable reader of all stories. I have the most wonderfully exhausting job in the world. I'm the mom to my two beautiful children. 

Colleen truly is "the remarkable reader of all stories."  So much so that a recent forum post caught Barefoot's eye and they asked Colleen for an interview.  Of course she obliged, and now we get a peek into the O'Hearn family storytime over at the Barefoot mother blog:  The Importance of Storytime:  Part 2. 

Join Colleen at Destination:  Happy for a window into her wonder-filled world.  Be warned, do not read her posts until you've swallowed your coffee as Colleen looks at the crazier moments of mommy-hood with that same twinkle in her eye.