Saturday, April 23, 2011

Introduction and the beginning of the Give-aways!

Hello. This is me barely able to lift my fork to my mouth after seven hours, three parks, one zoo and one museum on that trip to NYC I emailed you about.

Our team has exploded (in a good way) in recent months so it's time to pick this blog up, re-introduce myself and have some fun with a team give-away.

My name is Richele and I'm a bookaholic. You too? Also, I've never stopped reading children's books and, well, I'll bet you haven't either. I'm a working mom. Ditto? I'm in the midst of spring cleaning as well. Which room are you currently de-cluttering?

If you noticed that I'm wearing my wedding ring on my right hand, it's because I'm married to a Russian man and that's what they do - just a wild guess but I'm thinking you're not. Besides reading, I love to write, cook, bake and eat (not necessarily in that order) and am a bit gaga for all things Charlotte Mason, a British educator who believed children should be taught as whole persons through a wide range of living books, firsthand experiences, and good habits.

As for my official Barefoot life, you can check out my Barefoot profile for that. In addition, those on our team that work with me closely can tell you I am like a mother hen when it comes to my Barefoot team. I cluck, I brood, and I worry that I am either doing too much for you or not doing enough. It is hard to strike that balance.

My passion is helping you reach your goals in your own business. Coming up on five years in this Barefoot life, I've done about any type of event you can think of. I now spend my working time by answering your emails, working with other leaders and the office to further the Ambassador program, giving presentations and teacher trainings using Barefoot books, and handling my key accounts.

Enough about me, what about you? How can I best help you achieve your goals?

If it's team building and you have a blog, please send me your link and I'll post it to the right. Our many non-team visitors can check out your blog and sign up under you.

If it's inventory building, leave a comment (team members only) and you'll be entered into a random chance drawing to win $75 in books.

You have two weeks to think and comment as the drawing will take place Monday, May 9th.


  1. You are such a great writer! I'm somewhere in your downline (under Karen D'Agostino - another fantastic person!) and I need help with inventory right now. I would eventually like to get into team building, but I haven't been able to really focus on that yet. I'm supposed to have my kick off open house tonight, and all the books I'm showing come from the library. I've gotten a small selection of books and CD's together, but it's not easy!
    I'm definitely going to be a follower of your blog, because I love your writing style!
    Melissa (

  2. Your kick off open house is tonight - wow, do I remember that feeling! Let us know how it went as we'll be pulling for you. Enjoy your company as they enjoy the books!

    All my best,

  3. Hey Richele!! Thanks for the email today! Im having my first house event on the 29th and have not been able to get any inventory! Im hoping to find quite a few at the library and a friend is loaning me a laptop so I can access my site. I am super hopeful though that this party will make it possible for me to get that bonus and to get me some inventory, but who knows!! Im not totally sure what steps to take next either.


  4. Hi Richele - so gald to meet you virtually :). I too am under Karen who is such a great helper! I've jumped right into this business and she has been there to support me 100% of the way - by allowing me to borrow stock to do an event!! I am super excited about all that Barefoot has to offer and soo excited to come to conference and meet more people with the same passion!! Hoping to get a chance at that $75 worth of stock - every bit helps!!


  5. Hi. I'm new as well and haven't managed to get any inventory either. I'm going to go check out our library though to see what I can borrow to have a party.

  6. Hi Richele,
    Good to hear you had a nice trip to New York. I haven’t been there since ’89 when I took a trip with my best friend. You are now my tier one team leader so just to give you a little update, I have actually been quite busy with my classes lately but this term is pretty much over, with finals scheduled for next week. Although I do have a list of projects I am ready to tackle around the house this summer, I am also ready to take on more Barefoot business since I have only registered for one course. YAY!
    I really want to build my inventory for local events and direct sales for summer, fall and winter. I do not have a blog…. (Not really sure people want to hear me ramble on LOL) but I do have a website that is constantly evolving to keep up with holidays and special sales etc. (of course all linking back to my marketplace) And I created pages on social networking sites to reach out to as many new people as possible. Right now I am having a giveaway on facebook, when I reach 200 people the winner gets choose one of three prizes. May 15th will be my one year anniversary with Barefoot Books. So feel free to shoot me an email anytime with business advice….. I am always open to suggestions about booking parties and hostess incentives too. Thanks so much! I am excited to read more of your blogs!

  7. So happy to see so many of my team members posting here. It's nice to see that you guys are soaking up all the information that you can to do your absolute best in this business. Everyone does things differently and find their success in different areas, so I think it's fantastic that you are broadening your horizons from just what I do, to what other team leaders find works for them. I absolutely love my team!!

  8. Hi Richele!
    It was great to get your email, I'm new here too and can't wait to actually get some stock. I already have a few schools interested so as soon as I get some stock in my hands I'll be on my barefoot way! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for some luckiness coming my way :) Next time you're in NY lets plan a meet up!

  9. Hi, I am having trouble getting my business started because I can't afford to buy any books. It is hard to start a business without product. Do you have any ideas for me?

  10. Hi Richele~hope you all have survied the winter! We here in Florida have been laying in the sun, boating, swimming, and much more...

    I now have two team memebers! They are finding me through my blog, so I am super excited about that.

    I haven't purchased anything yet because I haven't had an avenue to move it because of current job standing and keeping things out of the conflict of interest ring. With that said, I may be getting an opportnity to display my books in an education store that is opening for EC teachers and do trainings in their training room. So NOW I need inventory. I missed the 60 day intro offer because of this, so I really need all the free books I can get:)to build my display for the summer.

    Hope my name gets drawn! Good luck to everyone because I know everyone could use them:0)

  11. Hi Rochelle,

    Because I am a public school teacher during the day, I mostly do cash & carry events. Two of my goals are to try and do more home events and try to spread out my events throughout the year. There just aren't enough weekends in the Christmas season.

    I have a Facebook page: LittleFeet BFB that everyone is encouraged to "like".


  12. Hi Richele-
    Thanks for the great email and your wonderful blog. Carie Miele is my leader and she has been super helpful. I was very intrigued by your teacher training/presentations comment as that is what I do all the time in my "other life." I would love to here more about that. Otherwise, I am currently working on finding summer and fall events and my goal for the summer is to start a blog. Thanks in advance-Lori

  13. Aww, so many good stories requesting a chance at the $75 in inventory, I feel almost guilty posting! lol. I put in one stock order when I started and have had some online sales, but I'm still not sure how to get into this. I really don't care for the bookeeping that comes with having a tax id..but I love the books and I want to figure out how to make more sales than I've been able to do only-online, which is all I've done so far...I did find in my stock ordering that I neglected to get a good selection of books for the toddler/young preschooler..which stinks, since one of my kids just turned 3 and I feel like I gypped him whenever my older kids go through the books with me! lol.

  14. All of your comments are so great and they really help me to know how to help you best. I will be addressing each of them in upcoming posts so that we can all benefit from the conversation.

  15. Hi Richelle!

    I'm Colleen and I'm a bookaholic too! :)

    This is a great post. Its nice to see that in some way or another we're all kind of in the same boat. I just recently started with cash & carry events in an effort to keep this thing going. My initial plan was to focus primarily on order based events/parties. Right now, even if my life depended on it, I don't think I'd be able to book one. People, in this area anyway, just aren't biting. :) And since online sales are so tough, I've started with some small events. I recently reinvested any commissions I did have into a stock order and still feel like I'm lacking in my display. I'm just not sure if I'm lacking variety or depth or maybe it just needs an overhaul. :) I'm glad to say my first event was not a bust! yay!

    Right now, my main goal is finding late spring & summer events. If anyone has any suggestions on the best places to find them...I'm listening!

    Other than that, anyone who'd like to know me a bit better can check out my semi-neglected blog where I rant about life and kids and the BFB's we love.(another goal~tend more to blog:)

    Thanks for the post Richelle!