Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet our team!

These smiling eyes and dimples belong to Colleen O'Hearn who hails from Wilmington, Massachusetts.  Happily, I'm able to claim her as a Tier 2 team-member which makes her something like a second-cousin to all of you.  Ambassador Leader Carie Miele has full bragging rights.

In her own words:

I'm a mom.  I am the keeper of the healing magic in band-aids. I am the griller of cheesy sandwiches. I am the master of hugging, and I am the remarkable reader of all stories. I have the most wonderfully exhausting job in the world. I'm the mom to my two beautiful children. 

Colleen truly is "the remarkable reader of all stories."  So much so that a recent forum post caught Barefoot's eye and they asked Colleen for an interview.  Of course she obliged, and now we get a peek into the O'Hearn family storytime over at the Barefoot mother blog:  The Importance of Storytime:  Part 2. 

Join Colleen at Destination:  Happy for a window into her wonder-filled world.  Be warned, do not read her posts until you've swallowed your coffee as Colleen looks at the crazier moments of mommy-hood with that same twinkle in her eye.


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  1. Congrats Coleen & thanks for sharing Richele - loved reading it all!