Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Current Team Challenge

You could win my cashmere Barefoot banner shown here! Children under the display table are not included.

There had been some chatter on the Barefoot forum about the improbability of winning the June challenge and laments of watching every challenge go by and nay a prize. This made me want to come up with a challenge for our team in which everyone really can win something. Even a really big something. So...

1)For the months of June and July, if you place a $100 order you will receive a packet of Barefoot marketing supplies from me. One packet per member.

2)Starting in June and running through August, the ambassador who signs on the most new team members will win my cashmere Barefoot Banner along with a table covering!

So, no matter where you are in your Barefoot business, everyone is at equal footing in these challenges and everyone really can win a prize. I hate to but I need to add the caveat that your new team members will have to place an order to count, as in previous Barefoot challenges, people were signing up their relatives in order to win the prizes. I know you will all play fair though.

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