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Continuing our series of posts based on what you wanted to hear, we come to the topic of fundraising and working with schools. Fundraising is a great chance for people to invest in their values and has been an important aspect of my own Barefoot business. My sponsor, Laurie, has put together two posts that are definitely worth checking out:
Fundraiser Basics
Hosting a Fundraiser

Putting together a presentation kit is a great way to approach potential organizations. I stick mine in a basket of books for the organization to experience in their circle time/story time/classrooms for a week. I then schedule a time to pick up the books and meet with the contact person for further discussion.

This is a picture of team member Elizabeth Stegmayer's presentation kit. Try this with Barefoot's tri-pocket folder for an extra-polished presentation! Elizabeth says:

hi r,
my presentation kit for the home event ( a grandma who was elected to the school board this year and is a retired english teacher) was sent with the host in mind. she's a smart cookie and appreciates information...

i use a double pocket paper folder (staples red) with a large label on the front which announces with the barefoot logo. then i "waterfall" the contents inside, placing the largest object in pocket first and then layer in the smaller things so that you can see the titles of all the different elements.

left pocket:
then inside i place my business card on the left pocket with a copy of the winter specials flyer that i printed out. i made sure to mark the deadline for the sale. the winter catalog was on top of the sale flyer.

right pocket:
this is where i customize. i placed the "best of flyer" in first, next the new gift list, then the awards list, each folded about an inch smaller in size. this way the titles each show individually. i also placed the oprah announcement, which printed 6x6 on my computer. (in the future i may alphabetize the order of the flyers by their title)

lastly i hand write a letter to the host confirming the specifics of her party and place it in an envelope with her name which i tuck the flap into the right pocket so that it's the first thing she sees when she opens the kit.

i include the event invitations in this mailing, but have found that the kit can't handle too much more so i won't be stuffing them in the pockets.

i may shift the best of flyer to the left pocket when the sale is finished and add in the time magazine/ motherbridge press release to the right pocket. when i made the fundraiser kit i placed a letter introducing myself in the right pocket along with a mock up of the poster that i provided for the event. probably three or four items in each pocket is the max info load most people can handle. for a teacher i will also place the country of origin flyer since it's helpful with curriculum connections.

Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! Don'cha just love our team? Questions or comments?

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