Monday, December 20, 2010

Almost to the Finish Line

Well, I've been biting my fingernails for the past month and realized you may not even be aware of what is happening on our beloved team:

Robin Muskin has blown by Mile Marker 3 of Barefoot's 4th Quarter Challenge and is currently in First Place as the top seller! The top seller will win a one-year cash allowance toward the purchase or lease of a new “green” vehicle, or toward their existing payments on a hybrid or electric vehicle. Robin has already won a framed piece of original art specially commissioned by one of twelve Barefoot artists. Congratulations, Robin, and you'll have to let us know which artist you picked!

I briefly introduced you to Robin in a past post as our newest Barefoot Leader. Once everything has calmed down, we hope to have a guest post where she will let us know just how she does it. Until then, you can learn a bit more about Robin here. Please join me in rooting Robin on the last two weeks of our 4th Quarter Challenge!

Team member Carie Miele has already won the Mile Marker 2 prizes of a ten different signed Barefoot Books:

* Clare Beaton, Mother Goose Remembers
* Alison Jay, I Took the Moon for a Walk
* Sophie Fatus, If You're Happy and You Know It!
* Debbie Harter, The Animal Boogie
* Nicoletta Ceccoli, The Barefoot Books of Fairy Tales
* Carol Ann Duffy and/or Rob Ryan, The Gift
* Laurie Krebs, We All Went on Safari
* Hugh Lupton, The Story Tree
* Stella Blackstone, My Granny Went to Market
* Miriam Latimer, The Prince's Bedtime

PLUS a Barefoot-inspired Haba Footprint Rug. Congratulations, Carie! I'm hoping Carie will also write a guest piece as she made Leader in one year. You can read more about Carie here.

Congratulations to all of you that have won the $100 spa gift certificate. I'm sure we'll all be needing a good foot soak after the holiday season.

We'll talk soon!

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