Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Barefoot in February...brrr!

Not much has changed here...our boys still love to read in front of the wood stove. Max's "Thinking Cap" is a new addition, though.

Busy 4th Quarter followed by a short break and then a jump into taxes. I'm working on a newsletter to get out to all you lovely people as Laurie and I are still playing around with how to reach those that want to be reached in the best manner.

Most exciting, of course, is team member Robin Muskin's win of a hybrid car. Word on the street is the Honda Insight is her choice. Hmmm, how many books fit into one of those anyway?! Congratulations, Robin!

Anything special you'd like to know about for 2011? Leave a comment and I'll feature it in the next post.


  1. Congratulations Robin!! And everyone else that reached any of the mile markers! I can't wait to go to the spa for my first time ever.

    I would love to know what selection of books you take with you to home parties? Or do you take them all? I'm finally getting parties booked and don't know which ones to take. I know whatever ones I leave behind will be the ones guests at the party will ask to see. Thanks!

  2. I still wish I knew how to make BFB work in my life! I'm looking at having to return to school again this autumn, and with much anxiety. :/